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Disabled children not given appropriate means of rehabilitation

cute kid with disability has musculoskeletal therapy by doing exercises in body fixing belts on fit ball

The Commissioner for the Rights of the Children, Anna Kuznetsova, sent an appeal to the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation, Maxim Topilin, on the provision of rehabilitation facilities for disabled children, the press service of the children’s ombudsman reports. The appeal states that parents of children with disabilities often complain about the discrepancy between the parameters of the technical facilities provided to them and  the actual needs of the child.

The ombudsman’s office cited as an example a case when one of the families was expecting to receive a means of rehabilitation that is vital for a disabled child for several months, but it turned out that the product did not provide the desired position for  the child’s head and body. The prosecutor’s office explained that the child had been offered rehabilitation tools, but the family refused them, because the equipment did not fit the technical characteristics.

As it was established during the prosecutor’s investigation , the rights of  disabled children  of rehabilitation were not observed due to violations during the preparation by the regional departments by the Federal Social Service  on the procurement of equipment. As a result of that  products were  purchased that did not have  the necessary technical and functional characteristics.

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