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Canada launches Inclusive Workplaces campaign

businesswoman in wheelchair going through reports while working female coworker in the office.

The Government of Canada is making significant and targeted investments in Canada’s workforce development—supporting Canadians in preparing for, obtaining and keeping good jobs, advancing in their careers or becoming self-employed.

Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Official Languages Randy Boissonnault announced the Inclusive Workplaces advertising campaign that runs until March 2024. The goal of this campaign is to raise awareness among employers that persons with disabilities are an important source of talent who can bring a broader range of experiences and skills in the workplace. By tapping into this labour pool, employers can address their employment needs and bring value to their workplaces.

The campaign is reaching small and medium-sized businesses through advertising on social media, the web, podcasts and radio, highlighting—a repository of information, tools and resources about how to hire persons with disabilities and how to create inclusive workplaces. These include:

  • the Enabling Accessibility Fund for projects that make Canadian communities and workplaces more accessible;
  • the Student Work Placement Program, which supports employers to hire post-secondary students and create work-integrated learning experiences;
  • the Sectoral Workforce Solutions Program, which funds sectoral projects that help employers attract and retain a skilled workforce that includes members of equity-deserving groups, including persons with disabilities;
  • the Canada Summer Jobs program, part of the Youth Employment and Skills Strategy, which provides funding for not-for-profit organizations, public sector employers and businesses with 50 or fewer full-time employees to create summer job opportunities for youth;
  • the Canadian Apprenticeship Strategy that aims to support a skilled, certified and inclusive trades workforce. Equity-deserving groups, including persons with disabilities, get the support they need to enter and succeed in the trades; and
  • the Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities, which supports projects that help employers to hire and retain employees with disabilities and create more inclusive and accessible workplaces.

This campaign supports the efforts of the Government of Canada in helping all Canadians access the necessary resources to overcome barriers to employment and gain valuable work skills and experience to be ready for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

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