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QRDI council unveils ‘Smart Accessible Kiosks’ innovation opportunity

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The Qatar Research, Development, and Innovation (QRDI) Council’s Qatar Open Innovation (QOI) Programme, in partnership with Qatar National Library (QNL) and Mada Centre, has introduced a new innovation opportunity titled “Smart Accessible Kiosks for the Visually Impaired.” This initiative is designed to address the specific needs of individuals with vision disabilities while promoting accessibility for all visitors.

“Through this project, we seek to break down barriers and empower every visitor, regardless of their abilities, to access the knowledge and services provided by Qatar National Library. We are collaborating with our strategic partner to pave the way towards a more inclusive and accessible future for all segments of society and empower people with disabilities to fulfil their needs in more effective and innovative ways. We are channelling our research, development, and innovation endeavours to address the prevailing challenges in the realm of assistive technology.” said Nada al-Olaqi, RDI programme director at QRDI Council.

“As a national library, we believe in integrating innovative technologies to enhance the experience of our patrons. Our collaboration with QRDI Council and Mada Centre underscores our dedication to ensuring knowledge accessibility for everyone, irrespective of their physical or intellectual abilities. Through the ‘Smart Accessible Kiosks’, we aspire to enrich the exploration and discovery journey for our visitors.” said Hind al-Khulaifi, director, Strategic Planning and Projects, QNL.

“We at Mada – Assistive Technology Centre Qatar have always believed that working hand in hand with our strategic partners is key to successfully achieving our mission to empower persons with disabilities (PWDs) to participate and co-exist independently through strengthening the Arabic digital accessibility ecosystem in Qatar and the world.” said Amnah al-Mutawaa, acting manager, Digital Accessibility Programmes at Mada Centre.

This project aspires to enhance the standard of digital and inclusive smart city services, positioning Qatar as a leading, universally accessible tourism destination both regionally and globally. The innovation opportunity revolves around crafting a Smart Accessible Kiosk that caters to all customers, regardless of disabilities, fostering a universally shared and barrier-free experience. This initiative extends beyond addressing the immediate needs of the visually impaired; it signifies a broader vision of inclusivity.

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