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Lingio and IAAP Pioneer First Accessible AI Workforce Training Platform

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Lingio, the AI-powered skills learning platform, has announced a strategic partnership with the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP), a division of G3ict, in a decisive step towards reimagining workspace training.

“This collaboration is uniquely designed to foster digital inclusion and transform learning into a more accessible and fun experience that yields 12 times better results powered by gamification principles, modern pedagogy, and multi-language support,” says Yashar Moradbakhti, CEO of Lingio.

Lingio, founded by former Spotify and EA Games colleagues, will provide its cutting-edge AI-powered skills-learning platform to IAAP.

“Our mission has always been to use our technology, product, and game development skills to create equal opportunities for everyone in the labor market. We do this by building inclusive workforce training – regardless of educational background, accessibility needs or language proficiency, putting learning on equal terms,” says Yashar Moradbakhti.

“Our partnership with IAAP will help to bridge this gap, ensuring that every member organization can utilize on-demand accessibility training with language support to over 100 plus languages so that every employee can learn and employ accessibility knowledge at work”.

IAAP, whose founding members include global brands like IBM, Barclays, and Microsoft, will use Lingio’s platform to share knowledge and information about accessibility with their membership organizations and external network of companies.

“Working with Lingio will enable us to reach more accessibility professionals globally,” comments Christopher Lee, PhD, VP & Managing Director G3ict/IAAP. “We’re excited to harness the power of their AI platform to share knowledge and foster digital inclusion. Through a network of subject matter experts and strategic training partners, our goal is to put relative accessibility knowledge in the hands of our members faster,” Lee continues.

The partnership will leverage the Lingio AI Course Creator, a generative AI training solution launched from a research project funded by a 2019 public grant. The platform rapidly generates customized, industry-specific courses, delivering gamified and effective training experiences. Notably, these courses can be used by anyone from an HR manager updating safety at work instructions to a manager informing staff of the latest customer service policies. Lingio also ensures diversity by having built-in support in 100 plus languages allowing for wider labor market integration. More than 10M exercises have been played on Lingio’s training platform in collaboration with large corporations and organizations in the public sector.

About Lingio
Lingio is an AI-powered skills learning platform dedicated to transforming workplace training. Founded by former Spotify and EA Games colleagues, Lingio leverages advanced digital tools to create accessible, customized courses across various industries. For more information, visit

About IAAP
The International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) is a division of the Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs (G3ict), a not-for-profit association focused on advancing the accessibility profession through networking, education, and certification. For more information, visit

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