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Saib launches project to enhance banking experience for people with disabilities 

Saib Bank has initiated a program to render its banking offerings and services accessible to persons with disabilities. This project aligns seamlessly with the governmental guidelines and the Central Bank of Egypt’s (CBE) proactive approach to uplift this vital segment of the community.

The project is designed to bolster Saib’s blueprint for financial inclusion, focusing on substantial improvements in infrastructure, technology, human resources, and policies to better cater to customers’ specific needs, thus facilitating smoother social integration.

The initiative encompasses a comprehensive training program for branch personnel to adeptly communicate with customers with disabilities, using sign language and ensuring a thorough explanation of the terms and conditions of the products and services they seek. Additionally, the bank is establishing designated offices to assist customers with disabilities more effectively.

A selection of the bank’s branches, including those situated in Al-Messaha, Maadi, Shebin Al-Kom, Al-Mahalla, and Luxor, has undergone modifications to include features like ramps, automatic doors, and elevators, enhancing accessibility to both the branches and ATM facilities. Also, add audible speech for it’s website for people with vision disabilities. Furthermore, the bank has upgraded 10% of its ATMs, incorporating advanced features such as auditory assistance through headphones, improved lighting, and keyboards featuring large, well-spaced numerals for ease of use.

The bank maintains a regular communication channel with customers with vision disabilities, ensuring they are kept abreast of their transaction statuses and promptly notified regarding any cash withdrawals executed through their accounts at ATMs.

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