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5 ways to make traveling with persons with disabilities easier

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Disability always seems to be a hindrance to many things. In the past, people with disabilities found it hard to travel and go on their vacations. However, with advanced technology, traveling is now easier and possible. Healthcare providers and technology enthusiasts continuously invent and innovate equipment that makes traveling for people with a disability easier.

Since most governments have acknowledged and implemented the rights of people with disabilities, public institutions and structures are considering them and ensuring they put equipment and structures in place to ease their movement and traveling.

Moreover, you can apply these simple tips and tricks to make your traveling easier and smooth. Regardless of your destination and desired mode of transport, you can make your whole journey comfortable and possible.

The following article will focus on simple tricks and tips to help make travel easy and smooth regardless of disability.

Here are Ways to Make Traveling with Disability Easier

1- Plan Your Journey Well

Planning is very significant when it comes to traveling. Prior preparations help to ensure you don’t miss any crucial things you need for your travel. It also allows you to identify what you need for your travel and alerts those who can assist you.

Apart from determining your destination, you need to plan on accommodation, means of transport, and all equipment you need. Ensure you book your tickets early to avoid last minute rush. In addition, book accommodation that is comfortable for you and meets all your needs.

Further, you must pack all your belongings early enough, including your clothes, medications, and mobility equipment. For example, to increase your comfort, carry a bed pad to help improve your bed comfort. Specifically, if you face any incontinence issues, a packing list will help ease your preparations by enabling you to identify what you need and ensure you don’t leave anything behind.

2- Reserve Mobility and Transport Equipment

Mobility equipment is essential when it comes to traveling with a disability. It would be best to have transport equipment to facilitate your traveling. Therefore, you must ensure you have access to them in all places you will be visiting, at the airport, and in the hotel.

Mobility equipment helps to reduce any travel-related strain. You can rent or buy rolling suitcases, portable ramps, or any other mobility aid you need. For example, a portable ramp can easily be folded, making it possible to carry and store, and it also can be adjusted to fit any height.

Further, another example is how a rolling suitcase can help ease your movement in the hotel. This helps to prevent any physical strain or potential injury when toting heavy luggage and makes it easier when traveling with a wheelchair.

3- Alert the Airline in Advance to Provide Passenger Support

Once you have booked your ticket, inform the transportation security administration (TSA) that you need passenger support. The TSA is responsible for providing the necessary support to an individual with any form of disability. If you have any questions about your traveling, especially mobility equipment and provision of other essential services, you can inquire with them. You also tell them what you will require to make your traveling easier.

Further, you can contact the airline disability division if there is one. If it is not there, you can visit the customer service department, which will help you ensure you are comfortable. This department can inquire more about your needs, such as the size of your chair and size, enabling them to make the necessary preparations. They also provide you with some guidelines and instructions that will ease your travel. They can also assess your situation and know the special treatment they can offer you.

It’s good to note that the special treatment you get should not have any additional cost. You should not be charged for stowing your seat/wheelchair. Also, ensure that all your needs and requirements have been keyed into their system and those responsible have been alerted. This will ensure you get all the needed services immediately and on time.

4- Carry Your Medicines and Adequate Catheters

If you are under any medications, ensure you are catty enough for your trips. Ensure you also have some more extra in case there is a delay. You can also check with your healthcare provider to give you instructions on the appropriate dose. Also, alert your airline about your medications, and if you need a special diet, you can let them know. Similarly, you can alert the hotel of your special diet and treatment.

Further, you can read various travel content and blogs to know how to pack your medicine and ensure you have enough supply. You also understand how you can easily travel with your medicine and catheter, which helps to increase your confidence.

5 – Understand Your Rights

Most people have a hard time and poor services while traveling because they don’t know their rights. Most countries have included the rights of the disabled in their constitution, and they must be adhered to by all public and private institutions.

Therefore, when traveling, always check and understand the rights of people with disabilities. This helps you know your entitlements and how the airline should treat you. Further, you learn the laws that protect you as a disabled person. If you are moving to a foreign country, also check and understand the laws and rights of the disabled person in that country.

Final Thought

Disability should not prevent you from going on that vacation. Once you have all the necessary mobility equipment and help from those responsible, your traveling can be easy and smooth. Nevertheless, always ensure you do adequate prior preparations and that you have everything you need in place. If you need any assistance, always inform those responsible on time.


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