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Calling all passionate people – Churchill Fellowships open today

from left Ganga Fraser and Clement Ng

Churchill Fellowships for 2023 open today and people are invited to apply. For nearly 60 years, Churchill Fellowships have sent passionate Australians overseas to learn globally and inspire locally. From today, people can apply online for a Fellowship on just about any topic they’re passionate about.

Just some of the more well known projects and ideas from Churchill Fellows include Questacon, the Playschool Theme song, Unit Pricing in Supermarkets, and Neighbourhood watch.

“The range of topics are limitless, and applicants are empowered to design their own projects,” said Adam Davey, CEO Winston Churchill Trust.

The topics are endless: tin-smithing, wig-making, domestic and family violence, cricket bat making, slow fashion, peacemaking are just a few.

Others like yoga for dementia, outlaw motorcycle gangs, berries, cheese making, sculpting, rural fire management, zoo technology, German violins are by Churchill Fellows from all walks of life and all backgrounds.

More topics recently cover venom in medicine, conservation art, drug-checking, homeless rights and housing, outback drinking water, hydrogen energy, urban farming, and stone carved lettering. These are just a few.

“No educational qualifications are needed. In fact, you don’t even need to have finished school,”

“You will need to demonstrate a benefit to our community in bringing back and applying your learnings,”

“Churchill Fellowships offer people the opportunity to travel overseas for four to eight weeks to explore a topic or issue that they’re passionate about, and come back and share knowledge about international best practice and innovation.” said Mr Davey.

People can apply online at

Applications close 1 May 2023 at 5.00pm AEST.

Churchill Fellowships are open to everyday Australian citizens or permanent residents over the age of 18, from any field including arts, science, health, agriculture, and beyond.

The Churchill Trust was set up in 1965 after the death of Sir Winston Churchill, when the Australian public gave generously in what was one of the country’s largest ever door-knock appeals. Almost six decades ago, on 28 February 1965, the “Churchill Memorial Sunday” doorknock appeal was held across Australia. This was one of the largest doorknock appeals in Australian history, and captured the heart of the nation to honour the memory of Sir Winston.

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