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Research into specialist disability housing

Young woman in wheelchair with service dog at home

The study, led by Emeritus Professor Jacinta Douglas, will investigate the experience, outcomes and economic impact of people with disability moving into specialist disability accommodation housing.

Over a two-year period, researchers will work with a range of housing and disability service providers to assess the lived experience of participants before and after their move into managed accommodation.

The project aims to provide comprehensive knowledge which can inform policy, build evidence across housing, technology, support, and disability sectors, and ultimately benefit people living with disability by generating innovative practice in housing and support.

La Trobe University’s Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Sue Dodds said it was a fantastic result for La Trobe and its ongoing research in the care economy.

“This type of collaborative research conducted between university, philanthropic, government agency and industry partners plays such an important role in shaping future policy and addressing the key challenges faced by people with a disability accessing these services,” Professor Dodds said.

“By learning from people’s lived experience of disability, we can ensure better outcomes and have a positive impact on the lives of members of vulnerable communities.”

This project will be conducted in partnership with the Summer Foundation Ltd, Telstra Foundation Ltd, Light Warrior Group, National Disability Insurance Agency, Enliven Housing Pty Ltd, Specialised Accommodation Solutions Pty Ltd, Sana Living and Lighthouse Infrastructure Management Ltd.

The collaborative project team led by Emeritus Professor Jacinta Douglas includes Adjunct Associate Professor Dianne Winkler of the Summer Foundation and Professor Jennifer Fleming of The University of Queensland.

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