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More than 170 Social Taxi drivers provide collective transportation of passengers with disabilities in Moscow

Accessible bus

More than 170 drivers who have finished special training on working with passengers with limited mobility come on the line every day, said Nikolai Asaul, the General director of the State Unitary Enterprise “Mosgortrans”.

Before starting the work, all the drivers are trained on working with passengers with disabilities and special equipment: lifts, locking devices and fixing ramps.

Today the Moscow Social Taxi fleet consists of 153 modern buses, minibuses and passenger cars. Each vehicle has its own special equipment for a comfortable and safe trip – ramps, lifts, locking devices, video surveillance cameras, driver call buttons, places for a guide dogs and a climate control system. Besides, all the drivers are trained on working with passengers with disabilities.

The main advantage of the Social Taxi service is its working hours: it works seven days a week from 08:00 until 20:00. Moscow citizens can always order a taxi on Mosgortrans website or use a single telephone line. Besides, this service is several times cheaper than the regular taxi. Furthermore, this service carries out individual and collective transportation of people with disabilities.

“We continue to create the transport mobility for everyone. The job of drivers of Social Taxi service is not only to take the passenger from point A to point B, but also to help passengers with disabilities to get to the most important social places – medical and educational institutions, airports, train stations as well as excursions. Our drivers are able to work with passengers with limited mobility and know how to provide first aid. Now there are more than 170 drivers working in the Social Taxi service, who daily help passengers with disabilities and have everything for convenient and safe collective transportation,” –  said Nikolai Asaul, General Director of SUE Mosgortrans.

Soon the Moscow Social Taxi service will continue to grow: 11 more buses will be added to its fleet. New buses are equipped with 6 seats, 1 of which is for passengers with wheelchairs, handrails and air conditioning.