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First e-library for blind people launched in Alexandria, Egypt

Blind person using computer with braille display

Head of Alexandria Education Directorate Mohamed Saad launched the first e-library for people who are blind or have low vision at Al-Noor School for Girls, Alexandria, Egypt.

The library includes six Braille devices and a smart TV screen provided through donations for the first e-library in Egypt to serve people with disabilities.

A smart e-notebook with e-Braille cells enables students with vision disabilities to write and read in Braille.

The entire library can be accessed by stutents with vision disabilities on device that can be connected to a computer and braille display. The device will converts Word files to Braille or vice versa.

A video showed the stages of Braille writing development and the Braille one-line device, which allowed people with vision disabilities to write in Braille as it converts the writing to the sighted line and vice versa.

Books can be downloaded and browsed by people with vision disabilities on the Braille one-line device. It can also be connected to a Braille printer or a display screen for delivering educational lectures.

Saad said that the government has developed an ambitious program to care for people with disabilities to improve their health, education, and living conditions.

He added many learning resource rooms have been equipped in schools in cooperation with the EU and UNICEF.

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