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Scottish mother fearful for her autistic daughter’s health when favorite drink changes 

Catrina Orr (right) with her daughter Lexie

A Scottish mother is terrified that her autistic daughter’s health will deteriorate from dehydration, all because of a change to her favourite drink.

Catrina Orr, from Uddingston, Lanarkshire, says Lexie, seven, will only drink Robinsons Fruit Shoots, reported the Scottish Sun.

Lexie, who is autistic, non-verbal, and has a sensory processing disorder and learning disability, will only drink the Apple and Blackcurrant kids juice made by Britvic.

Catrina, 34, told The Scottish Sun: “Britvic have changed the packaging and the ingredients.

“Not only has the bottle totally changed, the taste has also changed.

“With Lexie having autism and sensory processing disorder, she can taste the smallest change to things.

“She has a very limited diet as it is.

“She only drinks the small apple and blackcurrant Fruit Shoot.

“She will just stop drinking, she’s been in hospital before due to dehydration and had to get a drip.

“My fear is that she stops drinking and is also unable to take her medication which helps her manage day to day as she drinks this in a Fruit Shoot.”

After driving all over Scotland, Catrina was able to find and buy enough of the older style bottles to supply Lexie for the short term.

Knowing that the old stock will quickly be replaced with the new recipe, Catrina is begging anyone who has any to reach out to her.

Catrina added: “Big companies don’t understand the affect this has on families.

“Life is hard enough with a complex needs child without adding something like this to the mix.

“If anyone works in a supermarket, pub, cash and carry or anywhere else has any cases of the small old style Fruit Shoots with the green screw, it would be so appreciated.”

Britvic have been contacted for comment.

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