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COVID vaccination mandate extends to aged care and disability sectors

Medical Professional Administering a Vaccine

The Queensland Government will mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for all private healthcare staff across the state, including staff working in hospitals, aged care and disability services.

Minister for Health and Ambulance Services Yvette D’Ath today announced the Workers in a Healthcare Setting (COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements) Direction to ensure more protection for vulnerable Queenslanders.

“Under this Direction, everyone working in healthcare must be vaccinated by 15 December, including private health workers,” Minister D’Ath said.

“We’ve already mandated the jab for Queensland Health staff and now we’re applying the same set of rules for private sector healthcare workers.

“It’s critical that all health workers, including students and volunteers, are protected. They face a high infection risk, especially clinicians on the frontline.

“They work with some of our most vulnerable Queenslanders, many of whom face dire consequences if they get COVID-19.

“This is about protecting staff, patients, residents and visitors.

“We have consulted widely in developing this Direction and the response has been positive.”

The Direction extends to health professionals, contractors, independent third party providers, and employees or volunteers engaged by external agencies.

It applies to a vast range of healthcare settings including private hospitals, day surgeries, GP clinics, pharmacies, optometrists, private nurse offices, allied health clinics, dental surgeries, and private pathology centres.

The Direction also applies to in-home aged care, many disability support services, and not-for-profit and NGOs providing public healthcare services.

Chief Health Officer Dr Peter Aitken said it was paramount that anyone who worked in a health facility was vaccinated.

“As we open up, we should expect a significant rise in cases, so everyone who works in a health facility should be protected against COVID-19,” he said.

“It’s about safeguarding the health system and the people it services. Vaccines save lives.”

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