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Jordan government announces rehabilitation strategy

rehabilitation therapist doing therapy

On Tuesday, Jordan’s Ministry of Health launched the National Strategy for Rehabilitation (2020-2024) in collaboration with the WHO and the Humanity and Inclusion Organisation, the Jordan News Agency reported.

In his speech, the prince stressed the importance of the strategy, as it represents an important step towards framing rehabilitation services and ensuring they have high-quality standards. The strategy also prepares essential measurements to ensure it is sustainable and can develop according to the actual needs of beneficiaries, who must also be partners in the evaluation process.

He highlighted the importance of accessible rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities to achieve participation and integration in society.

He added that the rehabilitation services are critical to enabling persons with disabilities to exercise their rights and freedoms and engage in their daily activities independently and privately.

According to the prince, the strategy can be materialised through investing in physical and sensory capabilities and optimal use of assistive tools and technology, in line with the law and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, to reach an integrated system of services that include detection and rehabilitation programmes, and clear and effective mechanism that helps prevent the aggravation or multiplication of disabilities.

Minister of Health Feras Al Hawari emphasised that the Ministry of Health plays a leading role in providing rehabilitation services. He added that these services are offered in most of the ministry’s hospitals.

Hawari stated the ministry’s approval and support for establishing a national rehabilitation centre fall under their goals to implement and develop rehabilitation services.

The minister also indicated that the Ministry of Health maintained the quality of health services they provide to everyone in the Kingdom, despite the difficult circumstances posed by the coronavirus pandemic.

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