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Expectant women with vision disabilities will ‘see’ their baby in gestation thanks to 3D ultrasound

pregnant woman

The Rotary Club of Chile and University of Talca can print 3D impressions of babies in utero, for women with visual disabilities to ‘see’ the face of their child.

According to a 2015 survey, there are approximately 900,000 people with some form of visual disability in Chile.

blind woman touching the 3d ultrasound Dr. Octavio Binvignat, head of the project titled “With the Eyes of the Soul”, explained that the 28-week regular ultrasound image of the baby is printed into a 3D relief figure. The mother with a visual disability can then know their child by touch.

“Like that mother who has this visual impairment, they have – let’s say it very simply – their eyes in their hands, so when they touch they will recognize the shape of the face, what it is like, and all its characteristics,” Dr. Binvignat explained.

The project is free and it’s objective is to create equal opportunities for the mother who cannot see an ultrasound of her child as well as to help create necessary maternal attachment to the baby.

The Rotary Club of each region in Chile works as the connection between the mother and the team at the University of Talca. They hope to provide 200 3D impressions to expectant women with visual disabilities.

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