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Manitoba plans new income support for people with severe disabilities

View on the government building in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg. Photo: Dreamstime

The Legislature of Manitoba, Canada wants to develop a specific income support program for people with severe and prolonged disabilities. 

The province’s current legislation places Manitobans with severe and prolonged disabilities in the same category as those experiencing temporary losses of employment due to shorter-term or less severe disabilities.

The introduced legislation, titled Bill 72, would create a program completely separate from Employment and Income Assistance (EIA) and include disability support payments and shelter assistance tailored to the specific needs of those who apply.

Manitoba Families Minister Rochelle Squires estimates about 10,000 people will be moved into the new program.

“It will make life easier for them. They will not have to go back and prove on a regular basis that they still are impacted by their disability,” Squires said. “We believe this will be a great reduction in unnecessary regulatory requirements and paperwork and inconvenience for them.”

“We’re also going to be moving forward with a better income for these individuals.”

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