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Baby born deaf smiles and dances after hearing music for first time

Manning James

Manning James, from Roanoake, Virginia, was born deaf.  A video posted on Facebook shows when the adorable 10 month old heard music for the very first time.

Noelle Brantley, Manning’s mother, filmed the precious moment when little Manning smiled and bounced to the music from children’s show Muppet Babies, saying it brought her to tears.

Writing on Facebook, ‘To most people this is just something every baby does, but to me, this is incredible!’

Manning was fitted with cochlear implants in both of his ears.

As explained by the Mayo Clinic, cochlear implants partially restore hearing by relaying sound signals past the damaged part of the ear to the person’s auditory nerves.  Their brains then decipher those signals as sounds.

The sounds that people with implants hear are not the same as a person with good hearing and wearers must learn how to interpret them.

Cochlear implants are life-changing — most people are able to understand human speech within a year of surgery.