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NSW government to improve palliative care and aged care training  

Elderly lonely woman with Alzheimer

The NSW Government has announcement to increase budget support for palliative care services and invest in aged care training.

The funding of $55.9 million for palliative care services over four years includes an additional 5,000 End of Life support packages and access to specialist allied health professionals to provide better quality care and support.

“Dementia is a terminal illness and appropriate palliative care is an essential element of quality care and end of life care for people with dementia, as well as for their families and carers,” Ms CEO Maree McCabe, Dementia Australia.

“Improving palliative care for people with dementia, no matter where they live, must be a policy priority, Australia-wide, across the states and territories.”

“We know from our work and broad consultation with people living with dementia, their families and carers, that if we get quality care right for dementia then there will be quality care for all.

“Staff education and training are paramount to improving the deficiencies in the current system, eliminating the misuse of physical and chemical restraint, and treating people with the respect, dignity and care they deserve.”

In 2020, there are an estimated 153,000 people living with dementia in NSW. Without a medical breakthrough, the number of people living with dementia is expected to increase to an estimated 345,000 people by 2058.

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