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Persons with disabilities demand issuance of disability certificates

young man with disability wait for bus in a bus terminal
Photo: B R Ramana Reddi

People with disabilities have been demanding the issuance of disability certificates required to get the governments’ benefits in Maharashtra state, India.

Some of the benefits provided to them are by the railways and Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC). They are also entitled to benefits in government schemes related to business, bank loan or rehab programme, etc.

“For the past seven months, people with mobility disabilities have been unable to get their certificates from the authorities,” said Vikas Salve, one of the organisation members of the disability organisation.

The disability certificates are issued in the civil hospital, but that office has been closed.

People with mobility disabilities are unable to travel to Mumbai even for their treatment. This becomes expensive at a time when pandemic has already affected their daily income.

The disability certificates were being provided from the office, but it was closed by the state government’s orders to prevent coronavirus spread. It will take another 15 days, according to officials from the civil hospital.

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