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New help to hire caregivers of people with disabilities or dependents

Older disabled woman trying to stand up with help of caregiver

The Salamanca City Council has launched a new line of aid to facilitate the care of people with disabilities and/or dependents who must remain in their homes due to confinement due to a case of COVID-19 in their schools or day centers .

Care that, as reported by the Salamanca City Council through the Department of Family and Equal Opportunities directed by Ana Suárez, may be carried out by caregivers, in a way that facilitates the reconciliation of family and work life when there are members with disabilities and/or dependency and also serious behavioral alterations that require individualized and specialized attention.

The intention of the Salamanca City Council, is to speed up this process, which complements the one designed by the Ministry of Family and Equal Opportunities of the Junta de Castilla y León, aimed at hiring caregivers in cases where both parents’ working hours coincide with the confined person’s school hours.

Ana Suárez explained that these aids “will make it possible to respect confinement, guaranteeing adequate care for their family member with the necessary support”, since it affects families of people with disabilities or dependency.

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