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Spirit Airlines kicks off 3-year-old with autism from a flight because he would not keep a mask on

A Spirit Airlines Airbus aircraft landing at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport.

A Chicago family says that their 3-year-old boy with autism was removed from a Spirit Airlines flight since he would not wear a mask, in violation of the airline’s COVID-19 policy.

The Sporit airline says the family started swearing at flight attendants and would not cooperate, the Fox 32 Chicago reported.

The mom says she did swear but was not belligerent. It all started over her son with autism not being able to keep a mask on for the 4-hour flight

Cebastian Lewis, 3, is nonverbal and at his age, cannot read yet.

Zana, her son and two other family members took the 1,700-mile trek to visit family when it was time to return on Spirit.

“On the way back, she stopped us. She said if he doesn’t wear a mask, he can’t get on the plane. I’m like well he’s autistic, and we didn’t have this problem coming up here,” Zana said.

The family got the 3-year-old to wear the mask right before takeoff, but it did not last long.

“Soon as he sat in the seat, he took it right back off,” Zana said. “Everybody had to deplane, and then the police were called, and they put in a police report on him.”

Spirit released a statement, saying they require face covering during the entire flight. The only exceptions are children under 2. Travelers unable to wear them for any reason, including medical, won’t be able to fly Spirit.

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