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Project ‘Bright Cinema’ launched in China to help blind people enjoy movies

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A unique project, called “Bright Cinema” launched in Jilin Province, China, aims to people who are blind or have low vision enjoy movies.

In 2017, the “Bright cinema” has made over 200 accessible movies for people with vision disabilities, reports CGTN. By adding audio descriptions of the scenes by re-editing the movie, these movies help blind audiences understand the work.

“The making of movies is very complicated. It’s mainly divided into two sections: writing and narration. They need to watch a film at least ten times before they start to write the descriptions.” says Fu Haizheng, initiator of the project.

The team aims to continue to produce 104 films every year so that visually impaired people in China can enjoy two movies a week, reaching or exceeding the frequency for those of discerning people. In the past three years, the team has held more than 170 public welfare screenings.

“We are also cooperating with internet platforms to build special sections for accessible movies. For now, we have uploaded ten movies. It’s a new step for us.” said Fu.

Organizers hope that through their efforts, the “Light cinema” can reach more and more people and that everyone can have the chance to enjoy the charm of movies.

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