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Coronavirus Pandemic

Unprotected people with disabilities from Covid-19 in Honduras, say activists

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The confinement by Covid-19 has deepened poverty, misery and the lack of access to the fundamental rights of people with disabilities in Honduras. Currently more than one million people live with disabilities, according to the Pan American Health Organization, this is equivalent to more than 11% percent of the population.

At the end of March, the Secretariat for Development and Social Inclusion, headed by Reynaldo Sánchez, approved 26 million lempiras for the purchase of food, hygiene and biosafety equipment, as well as medicines for people with disabilities. However, these funds have only been disbursed to two of the 40 organizations that applied.

Cristian Murillo from the Progreseño Disability Attention Center, Caprodi, said in an interview with Radio Progreso that people with disabilities are not a priority in this humanitarian crisis, and they have never been for the government, because they only they allocate less than 0.25 cents of a dollar (5 lempiras) a year, for each person with a disability, he said.

From Caprodi they raise their voice with the slogan “Where is the money”, approved and intended to serve the most vulnerable sectors, which includes indigenous communities, people with disabilities, women and children who are not being cared for by the government in the pandemic .

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