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Russia creates online rehabilitation centers database

a kid with disability smiling during a therapy session

The Pravmir Foundation, together with the Russian Union of Rehabilitation Therapists, the Association of Private Rehabilitation Centers Movement and the Interdisciplinary Center for Rehabilitation, have created an online database of rehabilitation centers located in all regions of Russia. 

The online database of rehabilitation centers contains a list of medical institutions and rehabilitation centers that provide services for various diseases, injuries, dysfunctional disorders, and consequences. You can find them using the filter search.

Filters of the online database of rehabilitation centers provide the ability to search by location of the institution, areas of its work, patient’s age, stages, and conditions of rehabilitation. With these filters, you can quickly find the clinic or rehabilitation center you need and go to their website.

Clinics and rehabilitation centers with the necessary specialists and appropriate material resources can apply for inclusion in the register. To do this, you must fill out the form on the website and leave your current contact details.

“500 thousand people annually need rehabilitation after severe injuries and illnesses,” according to the press release.

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