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Russia issues electronic certificates for the purchase of assistive devices

wheelchair user

The Russian government is developing amendments to the legislation allowing people with disabilities to receive an electronic certificate for the purchase assistive devices, reports TASS

The certificate will be issued with a guaranteed address amount for the purchase of ТСР.

Russia has 1.6 million people with disabilities who need appropriate technical means of rehabilitation, said Mishustin in his speech to the State Duma with a report on the work of the government.

In terms of legislative activity, we have provided appropriate changes that will allow a person with disability to receive a proper electronic certificate with a guaranteed address so that he can choose any model he needs.

Earlier we reported that the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation has developed a draft law on amendments to Article 11.1 of the Federal Law “On Social Protection of Disabled People in the Russian Federation”, according to which people with disabilities will be able to receive technical means of rehabilitation at their place of stay.

We also wrote that the Federation Council offered to give disabled people the opportunity to independently choose the means of rehabilitation they need and pay for them with a certificate. The senators recognized the initiative of the Ugra legislators as “trustworthy” when they sent to the Federation Council a draft regional law that prescribes the possibility for a person with a disability to receive a certificate giving him a certain amount of money that can be spent on the purchase of rehabilitation means

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