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Education and Employment

Collaboration to develop programs and initiatives for persons with disabilities in Saudi Arabia

Arabian lady in wheelchair working

A memorandum of cooperation (MoC) has been signed to design programs and initiatives to enhance training and employment for persons with disabilities in Saudi Arabia.

The Human Resources Development Fund (HADAF), in cooperation with the Authority for the Care of Persons with Disabilities (APD) has signed the memorandum based on a previous MoC, exchanging information and partnering in developing legislation and plans for persons with disabilities.

The two parties agreed to implement the MoC through a joint working team that includes specialists from both parties. The team will be given the authority to seek specialized expertise and representatives of other parties and form sub-working teams.

HADAF will work to ensure that all its services and programs cater to the needs of persons with disabilities, provide statistical and qualitative reports and studies, design suitable programs and initiatives and participate in preparing educational and training programs.

The authority will provide HADAF, represented by the General Administration for the Employment of Persons with Disabilities (Tawafuq), with information that contributes to the preparation of interim programs and plans to empower persons with disabilities.

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