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Coronavirus Pandemic

Autism charity launches virtual awareness and training programs in Saudi Arabia

a child with autism sitting alone on a couch, stacking toys instead of playing with them in the usual manner

The Autism Center of Excellence (ACE) has launched its Social Media Accounts and several virtual awareness and training programs about autism to make aware of the coronavirus pandemic in Saudi Arabia.

One of the activities involved providing 21 virtual webinars by leading experts in Saudi Arabia to raise awareness about autism to practitioners, families and interested members of the general community. In addition, the ACE team held several special webinars aimed at families share their experience with their loved ones with autism.

These special webinars aim to get the families voice heard and also to lessen the impact of stigma associated with having a child with autism. In addition, the ACE launched the first Arabic podcast for autism “Dardashat Tawahoud” with autism to reach Arabic-speaking community across the MENA region.

With respect to the rehabilitation services, the ACE has launched the “I Can Train My Child” initiative, a 1-hour virtual parent training program over a 12-week period. The ACE has gained through these activities many positive feedbacks from the attendees and beneficiaries. The ACE’s team is certain that the virtual kickoff of these activities did not affect their outcomes, rather reach further to families across Saudi Arabia.

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