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Online platform helps people with disabilities in Costa Rica

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On September 13, 2009 it marked a before and after for Gilberto Pochet. That day he was in a car accident that ended with the amputation of his left leg. Despite that, he faced a situation full of positivism and seeking improvement every day. In this new stage, he experienced firsthand the difficulties faced by people with disabilities in many fields; therefore, he decided to create, which was born to help this population.

“From the first day, this platform became an ally of people with disabilities, where they are provided with information of their interest, but at the same time it is a means for them to find or offer products and services,” said Gilberto Pochet, founder of the project.

Currently, the page sells the Mist Orthopedics (prosthetic cleaner) that is unique in the country, independent professionals are promoted in this place and there is also an employment exchange.

In fact, this site seeks to position itself as an option for people to get a job, that’s why they are always willing to receive applications from companies from anywhere in the country that are looking for personnel.

“The process to compete for a job opportunity is very simple. Applicants send us an email with their resume and their disability certificate (or epicrisis that records it) to Once the CVs of all the applicants have been received, they are classified according to professional categories or level of competence and then refer the resume to the corresponding employer, ”Pochet explained.

They have already had successful cases such as the offer that came from the Museum of Costa Rican Art. On that occasion, more than 150 resumes were received, and in the end about 15 were reported that matched the requirements for the position.

Palantecr also provides an accompaniment service to companies and trains them on specific topics such as laws that promote, defend and protect inclusive companies.

However, the work of this organization does not stop there because its founder considers that they have a lot of room for growth and that is why it has a very clear vision of what the future of the project will be like.

“I see Palante as an institution that provides access to private banking for studies and ventures linked to our population. As an organization that watches over the rights of people with disabilities and that presents our population as an opportunity and not as an obstacle. Eradicate the famous and lethal poor thing from our culture and society and seek the dignity of people with disabilities in their daily lives,” concluded Pochet.

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