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COVID-19 guide for parents of children disabilities launched in India

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UNESCO New Delhi and the UNESCO Chair in Community Management of Disabilities (University of Calicut) have launched a booklet for parents and caregivers of children with disabilities, entitled “Life in the Times of COVID-19: A Guide for Parents of Children with Disabilities”.

The guide explains and illustrates the different aspects that a parent/caregiver must take into account while taking care of children with disabilities. It also addresses the need to maintain the mental health of such parents/caregivers and their various duties and responsibilities, during these unusual times.

The guide is action-oriented and would help serve all families with special needs in dealing with the extreme crisis of COVID-19. We would like to thank the University of Calicut and the Social Justice Department (Kerala) for their continuous efforts in creating an inclusive approach in raising awareness through the Community Disability Management and Rehabilitation Programme (CDMRP)” said Eric Falt, UNESCO New Delhi Director

Children with disabilities may have underlying health conditions that increase their risk of serious complications from COVID-19.  In addition, with regular operations of schools and businesses coming to a halt, the inaccessibility to therapy and support for these children may exert effects that are long lasting and significant. And as such, it becomes equally important to take care of their physical as well as mental health, the statement added.

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