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App created by 8 year old Indian boy helps children with dyslexia

kid with disability using smartphone

Souradeep Sarkar, an eight-year-old boy from West Bengal has created an app called Dysxa to make learning easier for children with dyslexia. The app has many features which will make learning fun for children with disabilities. Many experts have praised the app as a remarkable effort. 

At eight years of age, Souradeep Sarkar shows a rare sensitivity towards people around him. This child from Burdwan, West Bengal, was moved by the hardships faced by children with learning disabilities. Souradeep saw the learning struggles faced by dyslexic children and decided to step up and do his bit.

Sauradeep has developed an app called Dysxa which is getting a lot of attention in the disabled community. He developed this while learning to code on the WhiteHat Jr platform. Many Indians woke up to the reality of dyslexia after the movie Taare Zameen Par starring Aamir Khan and child actorDarsheel Safary. The 2007 film portrayed the struggles faced by children with dyslexia. A learning disability, dyslexia affects the ability to read, write, spell and even speak. In India, thousands of children are diagnosed with dyslexia every year. But here are many who go undiagnosed due to lack of awareness among parents and teachers. Most dyslexic kids struggle in mainstream schools when some awareness and simple accommodations can help them perform well. These are the challenges the Dysxa app aims to address.

Souradeep’s father supported him in the effort to develop Dysxa. The app helps kids with dyslexia learn alphabets and numbers easily. Every letter comes in a separate colour and sound, making it easy for children to identify words and spellings correctly. There are a few easy quizzes and other activities to make the learning process fun. It also gives the child good practice. The app aims to make pronunciations easier for children with dyslexia.