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Accessible Art Exhibition Allows Persons with Disabilities to Enjoy Art

Visitors in art museum Orsay (Musee d'Orsay). Elderly man is sitting in wheelchair looking at artwork of impressionist artist Renoir.
Photo: Dreamtime

A new kind of art exhibit in Pinellas County, Largo, Florida isn’t just a treat for the eyes. The art creates a sensory experience for people with disabilities, Fox13 reports.

Creative Pinellas’ sensory art exhibit was specially created for those with visual impairments and other disabilities. The exhibit will allow you to feel, hear and possibly smell the artwork. Some of the pieces displayed at the exhibit will even have Braille messages embedded into the artwork. The pieces will also hang at waist level instead of eye level to create accessibility for all people.

Some words you will find embedded in Braille into the art include “happiness” and “tranquility” –messages of comfort for those with visual impairments and allow them to feel and enjoy art at a personal level.

“One of our pillars is making art accessible to all,” Creative Pinellas CEO Barbara St. Clair said. “So we are always looking for ways to expand our audience and reach people who are looking for an art experience and do not find one that easily. We are so excited with this show to work with Arts 4 All and Florida Craft Art Gallery.” The exhibit runs from January 20 – February 16.

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