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New School Guidelines Promote Inclusion of Children With Disability in Dubai

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New guidelines that protect the rights of children with disabilities and promotes their inclusion in mainstream schools have been released by Dubai’s private school regulator, The National writes.

The handbook, issued by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, aims to protect pupils with disabilities from extra charges levied against them by schools for potentially needing extra support. It also provides wider information about the legal responsibilities of a school towards pupils with disabilities.

“Students with disabilities  are at the heart of our inclusive education policies,” said Fatma Belrehif, chief executive of Dubai School Inspection Bureau at KHDA and chairperson of the Dubai inclusive education strategic task force.

“We share a responsibility to remove all barriers to learning and work towards an inclusive education community that offers equal opportunities for everyone.”

The handbook Directives and Guidelines for Inclusive Education is intended for private schools and governing boards.

It is also a good resource for teachers and parents so they are aware of the initiatives undertaken to include children with disabilities. A separate dedicated guide detailing the rights of parents of children with disabilities will be released later this year. The proposed guide will explain what parents can expect from schools and how to ensure the appropriate level of education is being delivered.

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