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Elderly and Persons with Disability Get Assistance Through Online Service

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Paige Roberts and her friend Miranda Heisler are the co-creators of Pay it Forward Services-Minot, North Dakota.  It’s a new online page that allows local businesses to volunteer their assistance to the aging and those with disabilities in our community.

“Our idea was to get businesses together with individuals and see how we can help,” Roberts said.

Roberts says she empathises with those in need after watching her own father struggle to do basic tasks following a double amputation. “There’s no way he would be able to get down on his knees to take care of a carpet issue or get under the sink to fix a leaky faucet,” Roberts said.

More than 200 people have become members on the page since its launch on Jan. 22.

“You can post directly on the page. You can send a message. Miranda or I will see it; there’s also an email address,” Roberts said.

Roberts said three businesses have already reached out to offer their services, including TJ Appliance Service and JC Construction. We’re encouraging all the business that we can to step forward. We know we have a need. There is no doubt we have a need in Minot what we need to fill that need, however, are businesses. We are very appreciative of the three that have stepped forward, and we look forward to having more help us.”

To volunteer or request service visit the Pay it Forward Services-Minot Facebook page.


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