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Telenor Myanmar Launches Program to Empower Persons with Disabilities

Program participants group photo
Photo: Telenor

Telenor Myanmar has launched Telenor Open Mind, in partnership with Myanmar Independent Living Initiative. The programme offers participants an opportunity to enter working life by upgrading their skills through relevant work training.

Telenor Open Mind is an on-the-job training program that aims to include and enable persons with disabilities in gainful employment through assistive techniques and technologies. The program welcomes people with physical, hearing or vision and intellectual disabilities.

For the launch phase on Telenor Open Mind in Myanmar, three candidates are welcomed for an opportunity to immerse themselves as full-time employees for one year within competence areas like Finance, People and Corporate Affairs. The programme consists of two months of soft-skills training and 10 months on-the-job training.

“It is extraordinary that corporations like Telenor opens its door to provide equal opportunity for people with disabilities. I am thankful and proud to among the first candidates of Open Mind program at Telenor Myanmar. I hope this creates an inspiration for all other companies in Myanmar to promote more employment opportunities for people with disabilities,” said Myo Min Htet, one of Telenor Myanmar Open Mind program’s candidate.


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