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Women’s March in Utah Focuses on Climate Change and Disability Awareness

Person in a Wheelchair at the Women`s March
Photo: Dreamstime

The fourth annual women’s march in Logan, Utah brought hot topics to cold temperatures on Saturday.  Utahns of every gender and ability were there to lend their support to the cause, Utah Public Radio reports.

The Women’s March 2020, the fourth since its first edition in 2017 , saw smaller turn-outs at over . 200 marches world-wide compared to the first march.  Despite this, a crowd formed outside the courthouse in Logan  to hear a message of progress, continuing struggle, and inclusivity.

Whitney Howard is a student activist from Utah State University. “I think we have a misrepresentation, maybe a gendered misrepresentation, about leadership that you have to be stoic and unmoved. In my own personal experience at least, that’s not really true,” Howard said.

The theme of the march was “Rise Up,” with targeted goals of addressing issues including mental health, gun control, climate change and disability discrimination. problems that often affect women more strongly than men.

At the poster making session, one young woman identified poverty as the primary challenge facing women around the world. The march in Salt Lake City saw hundreds of participants braving the cold, where equal pay, women’s healthcare, family planning, equal representation, and affordable childcare were focal issues.


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