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Spanish Bank launches device to help blind people ‘watch’ football

Nickollas experiencing Fieeld device

Santander has launched a device “Fieeld” that enables people who are blind or low vision to experience football matches for the first time through their fingertips like they’ve never felt it before.

The Spanish banking has teamed up with advertising Havas Group, a touch system for broadcasting pre-recorded sports events. 

The device converts the data collected by monitoring the players movement and allows users to follow the movements of the ball and its trajectory during a pre-loaded section of play using their fingertips.

It is designed for use on a person’s lap in order to be able to comfortably follow the game with two free hands. The mesh screen on top has the field markings in relief and a pointer capable of moving anywhere on the field to indicate the ball’s position.

“Fieeld is a clear example of how technological progress and football can have a positive impact on society and improve the quality of life, this is why we have developed this project.” Said Juan Manuel Cendoya, senior EVP, communications, corporate marketing and research, Santander

“Football can move and inspire millions of people and help to transform their lives. We understand football as a powerful social tool and a vehicle for change. That’s what leads us to support this sport and build a better game for everyone by facilitating inclusion”

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