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Forum unites against disability inequalities in Tajikistan

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The Dushanbe forum in Tajikistan has marked the adoption of a new and powerful declaration on disability issues and the first step to the follow-up of Tajikistan’s National Program on the Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities for 2017–2020. The Dushanbe Declaration on Disability Issues will also contribute to defining the priorities for Tajikistan’s disability sector until 2030.

The forum, held on 18 October 2019, was convened to promote action, partnership and accountability in order to deliver lasting change for people with disabilities in Tajikistan. The new declaration reaffirms the government’s commitment to ensure: better rehabilitation, health care and education; social protection; economic empowerment; and better livelihoods for disadvantaged persons.

“We pay special attention to the process of rehabilitation of people with disabilities, the provision of social protection to vulnerable groups, including orphans and children from low-income families, and their access to essential services. We are taking timely measures in this direction.” In the words of the President, in a statement to the Supreme Assembly of the Republic of Tajikistan.

The forum contributed to strengthening an inclusive policy environment and the realization of the rights of persons with disabilities in Tajikistan. It was hosted by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population of Tajikistan.


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