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Birmingham diners eat meal blindfolded to understand more about vision disability

Imagine not being able to read a menu or find your seat without assistance. Dozens of folks experienced that eating “dinner in the dark” in Birmingham, Alabama to try and understand more about vision disability.

As WBRC reports, it was a great turnout to the 4th annual Dinner in the Dark at Rojo in Highland Park earlier this week . The event hosted by UAB Connections, a support group for blind people, and Callahan Eye Centre has diners ate an entire meal blindfolded. “The servers come and they verbally read the menu to you. You have to choose an item that you think you can eat without vision and then they go through the entire dining experience without vision,” said UAB Connections support group facilitator Molly Cox.

The participants put on eyewear that either completely or partially obstructs their vision. Ashley Specht said she participated because she has family members with vision disabilities. “It’s really good to know how they experience what we take for granted,” said Specht.

Cox said Dinner in the Dark builds compassion and understanding of the challenges people with vision disabilities face.


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