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Dubai to Host Accessible Tourism Summit

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DUBAI – Dubai will host the ‘Accessible Tourism Summit’ on November 5-6 November at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The summit is supported by the Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing as Destination,  the summit will be held under the theme “Making All Cities Friendly for Tourists with Disabilities” and aims at highlighting the travel challenges faced by about one billion Persons with Disabilities around the globe.

The summit will also discuss the necessity to strengthen the legislations, laws, infrastructure and services catering to the needs of tourists with disabilities.

“The UAE has done a great deal on its course to achieve its vision of becoming a friendly country for People with Disabilities. This summit falls within this framework and aims to share insights, experiences and best practices and translate these into a concrete practice bound to enable over one billion people to reach their destination with ease,” said Sheikh Ahmed.

The initiative comes as the WHO, estimates that the number of people needing assistive devices ranging from wheelchairs to communication technologies will double to two billion by 2050. A whopping 50 million people with disabilities in the Middle East are looking to visit cities and tourist destinations that provide appropriate services to them as per their needs.

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