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Ontario Providing Free Web Accessibility Resources to Businesses

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Canada – When communities and businesses are accessible, everyone wins. People with disabilities can take part in everyday life, and businesses gain potential qualified talent, customers and higher profits.

The government is providing free online resources and guides that make it easier for businesses and communities to get the information they need to help them be more accessible and inclusive.

Today, Raymond Cho, Minister for Seniors and Accessibility, announced the “Accessibility in Ontario: Information for Businesses” resource at the Ontario Disability Employment Network’s Rethinking Disability Conference.

“This is another example of the actions our government is taking to support people with disabilities to fully participate in their communities and the economy,” said Minister Cho. “It is especially important, during National Disability Employment Awareness Month, to promote these valuable resources that will help make it easier for businesses and communities to get useful information to be more accessible — in one convenient place online.”

“It’s really helpful to have one place online that employers can rely on for practical and easy-to-use resources to help their workplace be accessible and inclusive for everyone,” said Jeannette Campbell, Chief Executive Officer of the Ontario Disability Employment Network. “This comprehensive one-stop-shop web page includes valuable information to make it easier for employers to find qualified talent from an untapped market pool.”

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