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People with disabilities face many problems navigating the streets of KL

lady pushing woman in wheelchair

James Nayagam does a lot of walking in his daily work with people with disabilities and older people who need help traversing the concrete jungle in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

After 38 years, the former human rights commissioner said little has changed in the capital city’s transport system and public facilities to aid those with disabilities or senior citizens get around, especially in terms of access to hospitals which many visit regularly for medical treatment and drugs.

“Most of these places are not properly connected to public transport.

“Unless the person is really fit, I really pity the elderly and those in a wheelchair,” he told Malay Mail .

The 65-year-old said that even an able-bodied person would have a tough time navigating pedestrian pathways because of the broken pavements or thoughtlessly placed dustbins obstructing foot traffic.

Nayagam suggested that the government send an audit team to survey current ground conditions for public facilities assess for the disabled, including train stations and bus stops.

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