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Three candidates with disabilities to become mayor of Sofia

Accessible curb cut ramp

Three of the mayoral candidates in the forthcoming local elections in Bulgaria took part in the challenge, organised by disabled people’s associations and tried to cover some distance  in wheelchairs in front of the Court of Justice in Sofia.

The candidates Borislav Ignatov (Democratic Bulgaria), Maya Manolova (Independent) and Boris Bonev (Save Sofia) participated in the event for a better urban environment for people with disabilities. The organisers were the NGOs Community Bridges and the “The system kills us all”.

The three tried to move in a wheelchair around the Court of Justice which is in central Sofia . Parents with children with disabilities also walked next to them.

The broken sections of the sidewalks seemed to make it difficult for the politicians, and the three candidates had to rely on the help of their companions to help them, pushing their wheelchairs or even lifting them in places.


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