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Lawsuit alleges school discriminated against students with disabilities

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Sacramento, California – The Sacramento City Unified School District is being sued by advocacy groups that claim the district is discriminating against students with disabilities, reports the KCRA. The lawsuit claims the district segregates students with disabilities and denies them opportunity to be educated alongside their peers.

“It’s our understanding and belief that the district segregates approximately half of its students with disabilities into either entirely separate schools,” said Carly Munson, attorney for Disability Rights California. “So, non-public schools or even public schools that only serve students with disabilities.”

Munson said the district maintains one public school campus where it only places students with disabilities. Non-public schools, she said, are not run by the district but similarly serve only students with disabilities.

Other students with disabilities who are being segregated, Muson said, are on integrated public campuses but stay within a classroom of their peers with disabilities and do not get to interact with other students.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the Black Parallel School Board and three students in the district.

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