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A driver without a licence crashed three wheelchair users in Tula region

Police officers detained a suspect for an accident in the city of Aleksin. The man allegedly hit three wheelchair users, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Tula region said. The driver fled the scene. According to eyewitnesses, he was drunk.

According to the Internet site Tula News, all three affected people with disabilities are members of the Russian Paralympic  team, who were preparing for international competitions in Aleksin. According to the site, 21-year-old Diana Tsyplina from Krasnodar, 32-year-old Alexander Legostaev from Perm and 25-year-old Sergey Safin from Saratov were injured in the  road accident.

Diana Tsyplina suffered a head injury, she was hospitalised with suspected concussion. The  other two  received medical care and were allowed to go home.

According to eyewitnesses of the incident, the driver was drunk. Some of them  also claim that the driver intentionally  directed the car towards the  wheelchair users who were on the pavement. After the accident, the driver fled the scene

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