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Doctor extorts money for assigning disability

Doctor writing prescription or medical examination

In the town of Meleuz, a criminal investigation into a bribe for assigning disability has been completed, the press service of the Investigative Department of the Republic of Bashkortostan reports. As it was established during the investigation, a local doctor demanded money for assigning a patient of the 3rd group of disability, which she was entitled to. The investigators  found that a woman applied  to undergo a medical examination in order to establish disability. She provided all the necessary documents for this. The examination was carried out by a 52-year-old  doctor.

She understood that according to the results of the examination, the patient was entitled to the 3rd disability group. However, the doctor suggested expediting the implementation of the examination results for a fee. She estimated her “services” at 13 thousand rubles. The patient agreed to the proposal of the doctor  and after that she turned to the law enforcement authorities. Following the  transfer of the money, the  doctor was detained by police officers.

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