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Conference on Assistive Technology in India

Blind person using computer with braille computer display

Bengaluru – Mobility India, a non-governmental organization, will organize the National Conference on ‘Assistive Technology for All 2030’ on August 2 – 3, at Nimhans Convention Centre in Bengaluru, India. The theme of the 2-day event is Improving Access to Quality and Affordable Assistive Technology.

The objective of the event is to bring all the relevant stakeholders together to discuss, identify and agree on key steps to augment Assistive Technology (AT) sector and develop a national AT alliance. Over 300 participants from India and other countries are expected to participate in the conference.

According to World Health Organization estimates, more than one billion people on our planet today need one or more assistive products. The majority of these are older people and people with disabilities.

Soikat Ghosh Moulic, Associate Director and Albina Shankar, executive director, Mobility India also said that there is considerable growth of India’s investment in this industry. This opportunity identified by government agencies and local entrepreneurs stepped up the R&D efforts coupled with financial incentives to meet this global demand. The growing need for AT, both in India and globally, is a great opportunity to have a maximum possible impact which cannot be missed. India can lead the way to design and develop life-changing and innovative AT, and scale up the sector thereby reducing the access gap.

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