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Improving Data on Persons with Disabilities

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In May 2019, the Centre co-hosted a workshop with Humanity & Inclusion focused on ‘Strengthening Collection and Use of Data on Persons with Disabilities for Inclusive Humanitarian Action’. Over two days, a group of 30 people from a range of organizations took stock of current initiatives and made recommendations for making humanitarian response more inclusive through better use of disability data. Below we provide the state of play for disability data and the key issues areas for progress.

The responsible collection, use, and governance of data related to persons with disabilities is a priority issue in the humanitarian sector. This follows several high-level meetings and commitments, most notably the Charter for Change and more recently the UN’s Disability Inclusion Strategy. More inclusive methods are required across all aspects of response, from capturing baseline data for an accurate picture of a location before an event to ensuring needs assessments include questions on disability.

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