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Partnership to Improve Prosthetic Arms

Prosthetic Arms

UCF-based Limbitless Solutions announced late last week a new multi-year partnership with Stratasys, a company globally recognized for its broad range of 3D printing solutions and services specifically designed to help customers achieve new levels of speed, innovation, performance and customization across design and development.

Since Limbitless launched in 2014, 3D-printing technology has been at the center of the nonprofit’s mission — creating personalized bionic arms for children in the limb difference community. The technology has been a key component in developing a new line of prosthetics in the United States.

The Limbitless Solutions team focuses on empowering others, and with Stratasys’ support, it can amplify its impact. With the support of this new partnership, Limbitless will be able to create prosthetics of the highest quality.

“Our team is really excited to have Stratasys as a partner and believe it will better enable us to design and deliver the best possible bionic arms for children in the United States and around the globe,” says Albert Manero ’12 ’14MS ’16PhD, CEO and co-founder of Limbitless Solutions.

3D printing is expected to have a direct and often immediate impact on societal well-being — with innovation having the power to dramatically shape lives and communities for the better.


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