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TV programs must have sign language interpretation: PM

Japan PM Abe press conference with Signer and captioing

Phnom Penh – Prime Minister of Cambodia Hun Sen today repeated a call for all television stations to have sign language experts to interpret news to viewers who are deaf.

Mr Hun Sen said that only a handful of television stations engaged sign language interpreters following a previous call and requested others to follow suit so that people who are deaf or hard of hearing can also have access to the news.

“Any television station that refuse to employ a sign language interpreter, is limiting the rights of deaf people,” he noted. “So, the owners of all television stations please hire sign language experts because people who are blind can hear the news but a deaf person cannot and needs sign interpreters.”

Mr Hun Sen said this is the last time he is making the request and from now on he will monitor all television channels to see if they have hired sign language interpreters.

Mr Hun Sen said that if owners claim that they will be losing profits by hiring the interpreters, he will ask them to provide an audit of the expenditure for each program.

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