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Kenya to launch technology hub for persons with disabilities

Side view of young disabled female using laptop at desk

NAIROBI – Kenya is in the process of setting up a technologies and innovations hub for people with disabilities to enhance their contribution to economic growth and social transformation in the country, an official said on Monday.

Simwa Busaka, social development officer in the ministry of labor and social protection, said establishment of a hub for assistive technologies is in line with Kenya’s commitment to improve the welfare of persons living with disabilities.

“The government has fast-tracked establishment of an assistive technologies hub to serve people living with disabilities in the country and across the region. A team has been set up to oversee the process,” said Busaka.

He spoke in Nairobi during the launch of a program to stimulate investments in technologies and innovations targeting people with visual, mobility and hearing disabilities.

The assistive technology accelerator program is funded by bilateral partners and local private sector to help scale up innovations meant to empower persons with disabilities.

Busaka said that Kenya has domesticated global instruments to lift the living standard of persons with disabilities amid challenges like poverty, unemployment and social exclusion.

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