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Saudi Arabia to adopt the term ‘Persons with Disabilities’ officially

Jeddah – Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has urged all government agencies to adopt the term “persons with disabilities” in all official communications and media statements.

The directive came after a recommendation by the Minister of Labor and Social Development and Chairman of the Authority for the Care of Persons with Disabilities Ahmed Al-Rajhi.

Al-Rajhi made the recommendation after noting the use of different terms to describe persons with disabilities in several media reports and statements issued by governmental entities.

The authority’s executive chairman, Hisham Al-Haidari, said the move was part of the authority’s aim to strengthen services for persons with disabilities to receive necessary care and rehabilitation.

He said the use of the term “persons with disabilities” is an integral part of Saudi Arabia’s commitment to the international conventions it has signed, adding that it is a universally agreed term.

Source: Arab News